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Programs Overview

Programs to develop tomorrows leaders.

Saanich Schools offer a wide variety of academic and interest-focused programs to suit everyone's needs.

British Columbia Graduation Program

International students study in Saanich for a minimum of two years and up to four years to complete graduation requirements and obtain a British Columbia (BC) Graduation Certificate (Dogwood Diploma). Transfer credits from your home country can be awarded to and are done so during your grade 12 school year. The BC Graduation Program is best completed over three full school years (grade 10, 11 and 12). Assistance with Post-Secondary College and University Admission applications is also provided by your school based support staff in Saanich.

Full-Year Academic Program

International Students are fully integrated with Canadian and other international students in academic and elective classes for an academic and cultural study abroad experience. If required, your final report card (transcript) can be validated to assist your progression to the next grade level in your home country.

  • September - June
  • 2 semesters, 8 courses

Semester Academic Program

International students are also fully integrated with Canadian and other international students in academic and elective classes. A popular program for students seeking a shorter term study abroad experience while still progressing toward graduation in their own country. Many semester academic program students that study in Saanich extend to a full-Year Academic and BC Graduation Program.

  • September - January
  • February - June 
  • 1 semester, 4 courses 

Short Term Groups

SISP is always open to short term group proposals from schools, agencies and individuals. Customized short term group quotations are provided through consultation with Mr. Colin Guiguet, Senior Manager. Groups range from one day to several months, have a minimum of 6 students required, and can include community based activities included.