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Medical Information

Medical Information

Everything you need to know about your required medical insurance.

Medical Coverage

Medical Insurance is required to be an international student in Saanich. You are welcome to purchase your own medical insurance in addition to the required Guard.Me or MSP coverage.

Returning students: The British Columbia Medical Service Plan (MSP) coverage is required for all graduation program students (10 months or more), provided the student has a valid Study Permit.

10-month students or less: Guard.Me coverage is required for the duration of your study period in Saanich.

What is Guard.Me?

Guard.Me is private insurance for students without the BC Medical Service Plan (MSP).

If you have insurance coverage (10 month students or less) and go to a clinic or hospital, keep your receipts, follow the instructions and submit the online claim form.

Visit for insurance plan details and frequently asked questions (FAQs). 

The SISP office enrolls you with before you arrive and provides you with a card during new student JumpStart/Orientation.

Through the dedicated SISP Guard.Me website, you have access to MobileDOCTOR by Guard.Me, policy documents, and online claim submitting, You can speak with a Canadian doctor anytime, anywhere.

Watch these videos about Guard.Me Insurance

Creating an Account
Creating an Account
How to create an account using the website
Submitting a Claim
Submitting a Claim
How to submit a claim using the website
Using mobileDOCTOR
Using mobileDOCTOR
How to start using mobileDoctor service on the Maple app.

What is MSP

MSP Card Example

BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) is the mandatory public health insurance for graduation program students (10 months or more).  It is Provided by Health Insurance BC for international students with a valid study permit.  

The SISP office enroll's and maintains graduation program students MSP record as your group plan administrator. You receive MSP coverage after a 3 month waiting period at the beginning of your study period. Guard.Me coverage is provided over the 3 month waiting period. 

Always present your MSP card when you visit a clinic or hospital.