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The Admission Process

Applying to be an international student in Saanich Schools is a simple process. All international student applications for Saanich Schools are submitted online through the True North application portal. Ensure that you collect all required documents and explore the SISP website before beginning your application. 

The personal information collected in the True North application portal is collected for the purpose of assessing your candidacy as a student at Saanich International Student Program. Questions about collection or use of this information can be directed to Spencer Gray, Principal of Saanich International Student Program at, 10640 McDonald Park Rd. Sidney, BC. V8L5S7. 250-655-2720

1 Check Dates

Important Registration Dates

Intake Date 

February 1, 2025 - OPEN

September 1, 2025 - OPEN

Febraury 1, 2026 - OPEN

If you've got all the documents required to apply, go directly to the registration step using the button below, otherwise scroll down to step 2 to collect all your required documentation.

2 Required Documents

Required Documents & Information

  1. Student Legal Agreement: Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and the student must sign the student legal agreement.
  2. Transcripts or Report Cards: Provide your report card  (transcript) for the last two years, ideally translated into English. It must be a PDF file and 5 MB or less.
  3. Course Request Form: A complete course request form assist SISP place you in appropriate classes. It is a course "request" form so not a guarantee that you will receive the exact courses "requested". If you require a course, be sure to write the word "Required" beside the course name.
  4. Passport: Scan the passport photo page of your passport. This allows us to double-check the applicant’s information to ensure that all correspondence is correct.
  5. Photo albums:  A minimum of 3 photos uploaded as a single PDF. Photos should highlight who you are and what you like to do. Student photo albums are shared with homestay families before you arrive. 
  6. Immunization Record: Proof of immunization is required for admission to SISP. Upload a copy as a PDF file and ensure you enter each type of vaccination in the immunization section of the online True North application. 
  7. COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate: Proof of a Health Canada approved COVID-19 vaccine is strongly recommended for admission to SISP.

*From time to time, SISP will accept students in private homestay arrangements. A notarized custodial declaration (CD) (page 1 in Canada, page 2 in the applicants home country) is required before an application is approved.  The notarized CD can be uploaded into your True North application.

The custodian must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident, over 25 years old, and living full time in the Greater Victoria area.  If student is under 13 years of age, they must live with at least one natural parent/guardian to attend SISP.

Recommended Documents

  1. Recommendation Letter: A recommendation letter from a teacher, coach or administrator at your school is helpful when assessing applications.
  2. Academy Application Forms: If you have already corresponded with a SISP staff member about a Saanich Schools academy, you will likely already have an academy PDF application to complete and upload as part of your True North online application. 

3 Application Process

Agency Assisting You?

If an agency is assisting you with your application to SISP, the agency will share a online application link with you from True North or complete the online application for you. Working with an agency representative is recommended but not required. Speak with your agency representative once all required and recommended documents have been collected.

Applying Yourself?

If you are applying directly to SISP, go to the True North Online Application, click "Parents Start Here", create an account and follow the online application instructions. A valid email address is required.  

After You Apply

Once you or your agency have completed the online True North Online Application. What happens after you have applied?

  1. Within two business days, your application will be approved or denied. Notification is automatically emailed directly to you (parent registration) or to your agency (agency registration).
  2. A SISP staff member will email you (parent registration) or your agency (agency registration) a Letter of Offer (LOO) and invoice.
  3. Once full payment is received, SISP will send an official Letter of Acceptance (LOA) for use when applying for a study permit.
  4. Access to an online English assessment will be emailed directly to the new students email provided in the True North Online Application.